A Week Of High And Lows

It’s been an emotional week for the LEGO fan, as new releases are rivalled with some big announcements.
Shockingly enough, a week full of drama is not uncommon place in the LEGO fan world. Like any passion-led hobby it’s a hungry community that craves news and rumours, a hunger that often spills over into the fictitious and dramatic. However this week saw no self-creation as news came thick and fast to satisfy the hungriest of fans.
Last weeks announcement that saw Toys R Us become the latest high street name to enter administration, meant the week started with TRU stores across the country opening their doors for the final hurrah. Windows plastered with ‘everything must go’ posters highlighted this sad position for the brand and it’s thousands of employees, but in all truthfulness the writing had been on the wall for sometime. Despite it being a household name, you could easily debate that the franchise had failed to move with the times. Its oversized properties had stagnated; pricing …
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